Interested in purchasing an existing Baskin-Robbins Franchised location**?

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** Baskin-Robbins Franchising, LLC is not a party to the sale of any existing franchise. We are offering information only. Any agreement to purchase will be between you and the current franchisee. Refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document for complete details

Requirements to become a Baskin-Robbins Franchisee:
1. Baskin-Robbins will run credit and criminal background checks on everyone who will be on the franchise agreement.
2. Minimum financial requirements are verifiable liquid assets of 30% of TOTAL selling price (including any remodeling costs that have to be completed in the next 24 months of the sale) or Bank commitment letter for the purchase.
3. Minimum down payment of 10% of purchase price.
4. Successful completion of Baskin-Robbins 3 week training program with test scores of 85% or better.

Training – Who goes and can they send a manager instead?
1. We require at least one person listed on the Franchise Agreement to complete training. No Exceptions
2. The initial Training fee for the first person is $2,450 and is collected at the time of transfer.  
3. A manager or second person can attend training. There is an additional cost of $2,450 per person and is subject to class availability. This fee is collected at the time of training.  
4. Buyer is responsible for all travel, hotel, meals and other expenses while at training.

Are there any other fees or charges associated with the transfer?
1. All transfers are required to pay a Marketing Start Up Fee of $3,500
2. At transfer, closing the buyer will also pay for the first years ELearning courses of $300.
3. Baskin Robbins shops that have the RSVP register system will need to pay a $300 transfer fee to transfer ownership and credit card processing the day of the transfer; this fee is paid to RSVP.  

For questions on purchasing an existing franchised restaurant, please contact:

Brian Savage